T.A. TriPart Gro, Bloom & Micro (GHE Flora Series)

Size: T.A. TriPart Grow - 1L
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This 3-part Gro, Micro and Bloom from General Hydroponics is one of the best for hydroponic systems, and can also be used with soil and coco systems too. The formula has been developed by former NASA chemists, and has been designed to leave little build up in both the plants and the nutrient tank.


  • By using different combinations of FloraGro®, FloraBloom® and FloraMicro®, you can help fulfil your plants’ nutrient needs at every stage of growth in all kinds of environments, for happy plants from seed to bloom. 
  • Flora Series is formulated to help feed the right minerals, in the right ratios, to help plants flourish.


FloraMicro is the foundation of the "Advanced Nutrient System." FloraGro and FloraBloom form the structure. Combine FloraMicro,FloraGro and/or FloraBloom in different ratios to create specialized nutrient mixes. We call this the "building-block" method. This unique system gives growers greater control over the nutrient mix than a single-part nutrient.

  • Provides all the essential micronutrients to your plants, becoming the ‘building block’ of nutrients. 
  • Provides rapidly growing plants with Nitrogen, Potassium and Calcium as well as a combination of chelated micronutrients and trace elements.


Provides nutrients for structural and foliar growth. Combine with FloraMicro to provide a specialized nutrient for rapidly growing plants during the structural and foliar growth phase.

  • helps to promote all structural and foliar growth in your plants, primarily containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the formula.


Provides minerals for the reproductive growth stage- Flowering, Fruiting and Seed Production.

  • contains the high levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulphur to stimulate all fruit/flower development. It will also encourage root formation and growth in younger plants.
Combine FloraBloom with FloraMicro to provide a specialized nutrient for rapidly growing plants during the flowering and fruiting growth phase. 

Both Flora Gro and Flora Bloom contain silicon to increase the strength of plant cell walls, so you should not need to add any.

With these three parts, you can fine-tune your feeding formula to ensure your plants get exactly what they need at the right time. They will help to boost nutrient uptake, giving your plants a better chance at taking in everything they need.

NPK: Flora Micro - 4:0:1 / Flora Gro - 2:1:7 / Flora Bloom- 0:5:4


  • Shake well before mixing
  • Always add FloraMicro to fresh water first and stir well, then add FloraGro and/or FloraBloom. Never combine FloraMicro with FloraGro or FloraBloom in undiluted form; doing so may cause nutrient lockout making some minerals unavailable.

    • Cuttings/Seedlings – 2.5ml
    • Vegetative – 7ml
    • Flowering – 5-15ml


  • Plants: Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, other high-value crops
  • Media: Rockwool, Potting Mix, Coco, Peat Lite Mix, In-ground soil, Water culture,
  • Environments: indoors, outdoors
  • Experience: Beginner, intermediate, expert

Full feed charts for specific hydroponic systems can be found here.

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