Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 - 45L

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Gold Label HydroCoco is ready to use hydroponic substrate, although aimed at Flood & Drain systems, HydroCoco can also be used in other pot-based hydroponic setups such as drippers.

Featuring 60% of Gold Label’s own 8-16mm Hydrocorn (clay pebbles) along with 40% of the purest Gold Label Coco fibres means that water retention is greater, compared to using clay pebbles on their own, and that the frequency of required feeding times is dramatically reduced.

Due to the 60/40 mix, HydroCoco is an airy substrate that doesn’t restrict the roots, allowing them to grow and develop, it’s also a difficult medium to oversaturate and with it being inert, it allows you, the grower, to feed the plants what they need, rather than what’s available in the growing medium.


  • Contains 60% Hydrocorn (clay pebbles) & 40% coco
  • Greater water retention compared to using clay pebbles on their own
  • Frequency of feeding is reduced compared to clay pebbles
  • Ideal for Flood & Drain along with other pot based hydroponic systems

Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 is available in 45 litre bags.

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