Gold Label Special Mix - 50L

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Gold Label Special Mix has been made using the highest quality Swedish virgin white peat. It is mixed with top quality perlite, Swedish clay, lime, minerals, trace elements and organic fertiliser.

Your substrate is key to getting a good grow, and Special Mix leaves air around your plant roots, has high water capacity, is a good buffer for pH changes and gives a steady amount of micro elements and nutrients to start off your plant.


  • This complete mix is ready for use – you do not need to add any lime or compost – and should be disturbed as little as possible to maintain the structure.
    It doesn’t need a lot of water, a glass is enough to hydrate a 10L pot.
  • Can be used in ebb and flow watering system without worrying about flushing and creating a mud pool, as excess water will easily drain. 
  • Special Mix has enough nutrients to last through the first three to six weeks when used in a draining system. If you don’t water with drain, Special Mix contains enough nutrients for almost a complete grow cycle!

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