Green House Feeding Grow

Size: Green House Feeding Grow - 1KG
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Green House Grow has been made for the vegetative growth stage of all plants. The formula helps to provide optimum development throughout the initial growth stage to improve the strength and resistance of your plants.

This powder will help your plants to grow stronger, faster and greener than ever.

It is ideal for creating cuttings, and the high Nitrogen content and easy absorption of nutrients helps to provide plants with a more robust and branched structure. Thicker leaves then help to accumulate more reserves, stimulating the rapid rooting of cuttings.

Perfect for getting healthier plants with less fuss!

N-P-K Composition – 24-6-12


  • 24% Total Nitrogen,
  • 13% Nitrogen Nitrate,
  • 11% Nitrogen Ammoniacal,
  • 6% Soluble Phosphorus,
  • 12% Soluble Potassium,
  • 2% Soluble Magnesium Oxide,
  • 0.02% Soluble Boron,
  • 0.04% Soluble Copper,
  • 0.1% Soluble Iron,
  • 0.05% Soluble Manganese,
  • 0.01% Soluble Molybdenum,
  • 0.01% Soluble Zinc.

Green House Powder Feeding can be used on every medium, however the feeding schedule is slightly different depending on what is used. Ensure you are using a pH meter an EC meter to achieve the correct amounts.

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