Green Planet Nutrients Medi-One - 1L

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Medi-One by Green Planet Nutrients is a fantastic, all in one, organic fertiliser for your plants that can be used in a soil medium and as a foliar spray.

By using Medi-One there is no need for separate bottles of Grow & Bloom base nutrients as Green Planet Nutrients have simplified the feeding regime, as this one bottle is all you need for both the Grow & Flowering cycles.

Green Planet Nutrients state that the only requirement is to pH your water to be between 6-6.5, then follow the feeding chart and for outstanding results, it's highly recommended that an alternating feeding program is adopted, whereby the plants are fed with the required nutrient solution while the following feed will be just plain water.

Green Planet Nutrients Medi-One has also been given the seal of approval by leading research scientist Dr. Horby, making this winning formula a serious game-changer in how we feed our plants.


  • All in one organic fertiliser for soil mediums and as a foliar feed
  • No need for separate bottles of Grow & Bloom base nutrients
  • Approved by leading research scientist Dr Horby
  • Suitable for those growers who have mobility issues due to its simplicity

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