Grow Warm Oil Radiator

Title: Grow Warm Oil Radiator - 500W
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The GroWarm Oil Filled Grow Room Radiators are, designed to heat small to large rooms quickly and efficiently, maximising their heat output while not taking up too much space. They have a safety feature preventing overheating but auto cut-off. 

Having a stable and consistent temperature is essential for your grow room during the colder months of the year. The Grow Room Radiators are designed to provide the necessary warmth to maintain a temperature of 25°C during the day and 18-19°C at night. 

There are two models available, each with a thermostat and different operating settings to suit your needs. The 2500w version also has a timer that can be pre-set to switch on and off at specific times. 

The radiators have an automatic cut-off function that ensures your plants will not be affected by any overheating issues. This feature prevents any significant changes in temperature, reducing potential stress on your plants. 

During the colder months, external temperatures can fluctuate, affecting your growing space when your lights switch off. The ambient temperature can drop quickly, leading to increased humidity levels. The higher relative humidity can cause water vapor to condense and sit on flowers and fruits, leading to issues such as rot. 

One way to avoid these temperature and humidity fluctuations is to program your heater to switch on approximately thirty minutes before your grow lights switch off. This action will allow the heater to pre-heat the growing room, reducing any potential problems. 

The GroWarm oil heaters have an internal heating element, warming up the heat-transfer oil that flows freely within the radiator’s fins. This oil transfers heat into the growing room, using convection and thermal radiation through the fins. The adjustable thermostat allows you to control and fine-tune the temperature, while the built-in overheating protection feature provides maximum safety. 

 The 500w model suitable for grow rooms between 80cm x 80cm and 2m x 2m, while the 2.5kw model with timer is suitable for grow rooms of around 5m x 5m.



  • Options with three different power models
  • They keep rooms warm during the winter months
  • Has auto cut-off function, which stops heaters from causing damage due to errors
  • Adjustable thermostat with overheating protection for total peace of mind
  • Special fins to allow even heat distribution
  • Transport easily from one room to another
  • 2500w version has a timer to switch the heater on and off remotely


  • Variable Thermostat
  • Two models: 500w and 2500w
  • Timer on 2500w model
  • 5, 8 and 11 fins depending on model
  • High Quality
  • 220-240v

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