Guanokalong Powder

Title: Guanokalong Powder - 1kg
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The Guanokalong powder is a natural bat dung soil enhancer, and is one of the best organic nutrient powders on the market. It promotes taste, quality and gives higher yields – a winning combination in all scenarios.

In your plants, you’ll find that root structure will improve and growth will be accelerated, alongside an increased resistance against bacteria. This gives your plants the building blocks to strong growth and overall health, ultimately giving you the best results.

The rich composition of enzymes and macro/micro elements in powder forms gives easy and controlled release into the plant. It releases minerals gradually, avoiding possible root burn, helping your plants to achieve better growth with less risk of the root tips burning out.

Guanokalong can be used both on indoor and outdoor plants. To completely fertilise compost or garden, it is recommended to add extra fertilisers to the mix.


  • Mix Guanokalong Powder with compost or top dress.
  • Use 1kg with 100-200L of soil in the first week, or mix 1 cup of 50g for each plant in a 7L pot.
  • Outdoor use: 1 plant needs 100g every 2 months starting from April.

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