Guard'N'Aid PestOFF Plus - 250ml

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Guard 'n' Aid PestOFF Plus is a targeted insecticide for use against all pests. The main active ingredient is Pyrethrum, which is an oil based natural insecticide that targets the respiratory organ and nervous system of insects.

Considered one of the safest insecticides for use around food, this contact formula is suitable for all edible and non-edible crops and it works both indoors and outdoors on hard surfaces.

Use PestOff to combat and control sucking and biting insects in egg, larvae and adult stage. Works again White Fly, Aphids, Thrips, Mites, Scale Bugs, Wool Bugs, Mealy Bugs, Beetles and Caterpillars.


  • Mix PestOff Plus with 15ml per litre of water in a sprayer and shake well. Always use this mixture during your dark cycle, as it works better on the plants, won’t cause burning damage to leaves from the lighting and lowers the risk of electrical hazards!
  • Make sure the plants are well covered, including the undersides of leaves, to get the best results. Repeat after 14 days to keep it under control.
  • Use the mixed solution within 6 hours.

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