Heated Electric Propagators

Title: Heated Electric Propagator - Medium
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Improve seed germination and growth from cuttings with this Heated Electric Propagator.

Using a heated propagator allows you to germinate your seeds and root your cuttings faster, especially in the colder winter months. These heated propagators provide gentle warmth to the root zone of your favourite plants.

The clear plastic lid allows your propagation light to penetrate through to your young plants and it also creates a humid environment which helps to prevent your cuttings from wilting and dying. The lid also includes 2 adjustable ventilation slots to allow humidity to be reduced as the cuttings begin to root and they begin to harden off.

  • Non-Thermostatic. Simple On/Off Control.
  • Top quality manufacturing and materials.
  • Tough plastic.
  • Adjustable ventilation lid.

The heated propagator is available in 2 sizes:

  • Medium (380 x 245 x 195 mm, 8W)
    This medium heated propagator is just big enough to hold 1 tray of 24, either Rockwool Cubes or Root  Riot/RootIT Plugs
  • Large (519 x 417 x 278 mm, 22W)
    This large heated Propagator allows for up to 48 cuttings.

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