HerbDryer Deodorising Drying Rack

Title: Herb Dryer Regular 4 tier Ø30cm
Sale price£35.00



With HerbDryer, you can dry your herb and spices easily, effectively and without unwanted odours in only seven days. The HerbDryer has a built in odour prevention filter and a full coverage ventilation system to ensure you get perfectly dried herbs every time. 


  • High-Quality Uniform Drying - the HerbDryer features a unique air circulation system that has undergone extensive testing to ensure constant airflow for high-quality and uniform drying.
  • Prevents the Spread of Mold - mould spreads when there is moisture from herbs and plants are closed in a closed and unventilated area. Herb Dryer reduces the spread of mould due by generating a constant flow of clean, filtered air.
  • Completely Odor Free - our odour filtering system prevents unwanted odours from the plants and herbs being dried and can reduce the spread of allergens from the drying process.
  • Light-Weight, Compact, Easy to Store - the HerbDryer is foldable and easy to store. Its compact design makes it perfect for small spaces, like a small apartment or even a closet.
  • Quiet and Discreet - herb dryers are often very noisy and visible. HerbDryer dries your herbs quietly and can work in small or closed spaces, allowing for very discreet use.
  • Leaves the Pot Free for Regrowth - drying does not take place in the plant’s pot but in the Herb Dryer itself. This frees up the pot and plant to continue to grow while your current batch dries.


- 99% odour removal

- Optimal airflow

- Quiet and reliable fan

- Internal carbon filter

- Multi-rack drying


  • 4 floors dryer
  • Charcoal filter
  • Sizing: HerbDryer Regular – Diameter: 30cm, Height: 40cm, Tiers: 4, Filter Size: 120x120x25mm, 600-700g of Wet Herbs
  • Item weight: 1.28 poundS


  • 5 floors dryer
  • Charcoal filter
  • Sizing: HerbDryer XL – Diameter: 60cm, Height: 70cm, Tiers: 5, Filter Size: 120x120x50mm, 3-4kg of Wet Herbs
  • Item weight: 1.28 pounds

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