Hesi Root Complex 500ml

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HESI Root Complex is a plant stimulator for healthy roots. At the same time, through the activation of the bacteria in the soil, the absorption of fertiliser into all plant substrates is optimised, leading to healthy plant growth and improved strength. Especially after planting or repotting, HESI Root-Complex ensures the rapid forming of new roots and creates the conditions for a functioning photosynthesis. The stress after repotting is significantly reduced.Root Complex contains a large amount of vital nutrients which supply the plants immediately with additional energy and improve metabolism.

HESI Root-Complex is a stimulator and does not contain fertiliser. It does not increase the salinity (conductance), is pH neutral and can be used together with HESI SuperVit, HESI PowerZyme and other fertilisers.


  • Give Root-Complex to your plants regularly every two weeks, additional use after planting or repotting.
  • Give Root-Complex to imported plants and young plants every week.
  • In addition to fertilizer: 50 ml / 10 Litre nutrient solution


  • Trace elements: iron, manganese, zinc, copper in complex-bound form, boron, molybdenum, , plus vitamins
  • B1, B2, folic acid, plant sugar, amino acids such as glycine, histidine, tyrosine and plant-active enzymes.

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