House and Garden Bat Mix Organic 50L

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Expertly formulated and well-balanced, House and Garden Bat Mix Organic 50L contains a combination of black and white peat, organic lime, perlite, and organic fertilizers, along with Bat Guano. Sourced from Germany and the Baltics, the black and white peat work harmoniously with perlite to create unparalleled water retention and drainage properties.

House and Garden Bat Mix Organic 50L contains a well-balanced blend of readily available plant nutrients, as well as slow-release organic fertilizers for sustained growth throughout your plants' life cycle. It has an initial EC range of 1.2-1.5 and a NPK ratio of 14-16-18. While the EC may seem low for a soil, we suggest using this mix with more mature plants as it may be too nourishing for young seedlings or cuttings.

After potting up your plants, they will have a balanced supply of nutrients to give them a strong start. As Bat Mix has moderate nutrition, we suggest feeding with pH-adjusted water and any additives for the first week. Avoid using base nutrients during this time to prevent overfeeding. After one week, assess your plants and gradually introduce base feed if needed (for example, if leaves appear yellow). For larger pots, it may be beneficial to continue using just water for a longer period.

As your plants develop and require more nutrients, the slow-release Bat Guano provides vital support. Known for its incredible performance as an organic additive, Bat Guano is abundant in phosphorus, a key element for vital plant processes like root growth and flowering. Additionally, Guano has been proven to improve the flavor and aroma of many crops.

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