Houseplant Focus - 100ml

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Easy to use, ideal formulation to encourage healthy growth and abundant flowering of all indoor houseplants.

Houseplant Focus is specifically formulated to care for all indoor houseplants.

A carefully balanced formula with nutrients, it is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts and is enriched with concentrated organic plant acids and pure extracts of kelp. It is urea free. Houseplant Focus is ideal if you have a collection of houseplants including anthuriums, ferns, dracaenas, ficus, palms, poinsettias, as well as cacti, succulents and bromeliads.


  • Includes all essential nutrients
  • Enriched with humic and fulvic acid, as well as seaweed
  • Hydroburst technology for easy rewetting


It is easy to use. Simply mix Houseplant Focus with clean water at 5 ml (one teaspoon) per litre and use weekly – or with every watering - for feeding houseplants at all stages of growth. At half strength (5 ml per two litres), it is also ideal for seedlings and young plants.

As most houseplants are of tropical origin they will respond and thrive with regular spraying which creates higher humidity because in centrally heated houses humidity is low especially in the winter.

So, additionally, to using Houseplant Focus it is advisable to spray or mist houseplants regularly (two to three times a week) with soft water, Houseplant Myst or Houseplant Focus diluted at 5 ml per two litres. 

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