Hydro T5 Propagation Lights

Title: Hydro 22 T5 - 2FT 2 Tube
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It has never been easier to propagate your favourite young plants, clones or seedlings with these new fantastically low priced T5 Fluorescent lighting units. Using the brilliant technology of T5 propagation lights at such a crucial time; enables higher success rates with your young plants as you are providing them with a generous amount of much needed light with minimal heat output.

The light from theT5 propagation grow light range is designed to; disperse extremely effective light output, ensuring optimal coverage for the gems below. The minimal heat output allows for closer positioning above your indoor plants which will in turn prevent stretching and encourage lush, even vegetative growth and bushiness with short internodes and thick stems, for the ultimate start in life for your plants

T5 propagation lighting is recommended for the early stages of growth in the propagation stage, but can also be used for additional grow room lighting throughout and also for maintaining stock plants.


  • 2ft 2 tube Size: 600x210x65mm
  • 2ft 4 tube Size: 600x300x70mm
  • 4ft 4 tube Size: 1200x300x70mm

Our  T5 propagation lights are supplied with either 24w or 54w blue spectrum lamps (6400K) ideal for the vegetative stage, although red spectrum lamps (2700K) are available to purchase separately. These lights also include the added feature of an additional switch which enables you to reduce the 4 tube models down to 2 tubes, depending on your requirements.

  • Perfect for propagation
  • Low running temperature
  • Available in 3 sizes

Includes 6400K daylight tubes

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