Phresh Hyperfan Silent V2

Title: Hyperfan Silent - 150mm/6" V2
Sale price£282.00



The Hyperfan by Phresh is an outstanding in-line fan in terms of both efficiency and performance over alternative fans that are currently available on the market, with a power usage of 13.5 m3/h per watt, while the leading competitor is 6.5 m3/h, that’s half the power consumption!

And for those wanting to keep things stealthier, with the added silencer, it runs up to 75% quieter than the standard Hyperfan and the fully digital motor gives it extended reliability and twice the lifespan of other available fans.

The bearing within the Hyperfan is a 6mm sealed unit, as opposed to 4mm self-lubricating, this increases reliability at any RPM and with the speed controller using Pulse Width Modulation, it gives continuous adjustment with no buzz whatsoever! The speed controller is also independently wired on a separate circuit to the power input reducing stress, preventing failures and increasing the overall lifespan.

It also features a built-in failsafe mode with thermal cut-out and in the unlikelihood that the speed controller fails, the fan will continue to run at full speed and can be removed without removing the fan.

Available in 3 sizes, the Hyperfan comes with a 2-year warranty, features a sleek, compact design, and is easy to set up and use in your grow room for even the most inexperienced grower.

Basically, this Silent version offers the same excellent functionality as the standard Hyperfan, but with a quieter noise output level.


  • 50% cheaper to run than AC equivalents
  • ‘Soft-start’ circuitry for less wear and tear
  • Most powerful EC fan of its size, class and price
  • Super quiet in operation - the Silenced Hyperfan V2 uses the Hyperfan technology wrapped up in an acoustic foam and robust silencing canister. The Silenced Hyperfan V2 has been designed and constructed to eliminate sound whilst moving large volumes of air under the usual pressures of a grow room environment.
  • Supplied with a detachable speed controller, adjustable from 0%-100%, allowing growers to have improved control of airflow levels.
  • 2-year warranty


Hyperfan 150mm

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 315
M3/h 535
Power Consumption 35w
Weight  1.3kg
WG Pressure 2.1“
Diameter 6”/150mm
Length 5”/125mm

Hyperfan 200mm

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 710
M3/h 1205
Power Consumption 75w
Weight  2.3kg
WG Pressure 2.16“
Diameter 8”/200mm
Length 6.25”/160mm

Hyperfan 250mm

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 1065
M3/h 1810
Power Consumption 170w
Weight  3kg
WG Pressure 2.4“
Diameter 10”/250mm
Length 8”/200mm

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