Idrolab RDWC 12 Pot Large Complete

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The Idrolab system consists of multiple 42-litre pots, connected via 62 mm pipework, via the “Epicentre” (Aka brain in other UK multi-pot systems), which you connect to a tank of your own choice, the capacity depends on the number of pots you have. Idrolab is an RDWC System (Recirculating Deep Water Culture System).

RDWC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture System) systems take advantage of negative air and water pressure to provide high concentrations of oxygen in the nutrient solution through constant re-circulation in radical growth areas. Recirculation allows for explosive growth thanks to oxygen loading by nutrients that create healthy aerobic conditions and also guarantee the uniformity of pH, EC and water temperature in the whole system.


  • Modular design with each module having a 42L capacity
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and expand
  • Increased crop yield and reduction of the vegetative stage
  • The constant recycling of the nutritive solution and the high level of dissolved oxygen optimizes the roots absorption
  • capability
  • EC, pH and temperature values are uniform in all system modules
  • Easy integration with pH and nutrients doses, top-off reservoir and water chillers
  • Supplied Chiller – Teco HY500 water chiller
  • Each Module 42L in capacity
  • Air-Ring (Bubbler) in each pot
  • Air Diffuser in the Epi-Centre (Brain)
  • Highflow 63mm Bulkhead and Pipe
  • 750mm centre to centre
  • Deep Water Culture


Dimensions  310 x 170
System Volume 520 litres
Useful Volume 390 litres
Blower Pump (1pm) 80 x 2
Aeration Pump (lpm x litres) 0.3
Water Pump (lph) 3800
Power (watts) 162
Recommended Reservoir 400

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