Indica Nutrients The Messiah

Title: Indica The Messiah 1L
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Indica Nutrients The Messiah contains every essential plant nutrient and pH optimisation in one product. This makes Messiah the only ‘single step’ feed on the market. All other one-part fertilizers require the addition of potassium hydroxide, or lack one essential nutrient. Messiah contains more nutrition than any other nutrient feed.

Feel the weight of this bottle, The Messiah is the heaviest base nutrient product on the market! It contains micronutrients chelated with organic acid technology and includes unique technology that instantly dechlorinates tap water. You no longer need to wait 24h for these toxins to gas off! The high calcium and low chlorine content in The Messiah allows plants to thrive in coco media where sodium toxicity can impede plant growth.


  • Single-step feed
  • Can be used in every type of growing system
  • Can be used on its own or in combination with other additives and biostimulants such as Kashmir Roots to provide beneficial microbes, and Stem Strengthto create a robust crop via silicon nutrition
  • Contains more nutrition than any other nutrient feed


  • Thoroughly clean all holding tanks and pipework before adding The Messiah. This helps prevent microbial growth and biofilm buildup.
  • Shake before use to ensure uniformity of the product.
  • Apply at the dose rate below and stir.
  • Allow one minute for the product to fully disperse and the solution to clear.

In coco / hydro crops:

  • Apply at 0.5mL / litre of water during germination, and raise to 1-2 ml/litre during the vegetative and flowering phases.

In soil

  • Apply at 4mL / litre once per week or at 0.5mL / litre every time you irrigate.


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