Indica Nutrients Two Part Starter Kit

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This includes everything needed for your plants. Each product within the kit helps your plants grow to their true potential.


  • Temple Rise A and Temple Noon (500ml) B a two-part base nutrient packages designed specifically for plants growing in coco. They are designed to complement each other to supply the right nutrients at the right levels for your plants.
  • Kashmir Roots (250ml) a Microbial Bio-stimulant that allows a range of beneficial microbes that help with solubilization, stress protection, and modulating hormone levels.
  • Stem Strength (250ml) a potassium silicate supplement that provides the optimum level of silicon to strengthen cell walls and protect the plant from pests, pathogens and environmental stresses.
  • Himalayan Hardener (250ml) provides your plant with elevated levels of polymerised phosphates during flowering to optimize yield and biochemical profiles. It ensures there is always phosphorus available for your plant.
  • Hindu Kush (250ml) the most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful plant tonic. The most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful plant feed. These premium extracts have been proven to boost yield and quality in crops.


  • Put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); especially gloves and goggles.
  • Add water, base nutrients and additives to your tank.
  • Use a pH meter or indicator strips to determine the pH of the solution.
  • If the pH is above 6.5, add Indica pH DOWN, If the pH is below 5.5 add Indica pH UP.
  • Dilute in water first to ensure that only a very small amount is applied at one time. It is very easy to over-apply pH correction products. Dispense with a pipette, do not pour from the bottle directly into the tank.
  • After applying a small amount mix the solution thoroughly, re-check the pH, and apply another small amount if required.
  • Monitor the pH of your fertigation solution daily and adjust as necessary.

Nutrient content (w/v)

  • Phosphorus (as P2O5) 98.5%  (59% w/w)

Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30 ○C). Keep out of reach of children. For further details on the safe use and handling see the safety data sheet or ask a representative.

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