AquaBurst - 300ml

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Ionic HydroBurst has been designed specifically for plants grown in soil and coco and works to overcome the problem of uneven wetting and dry soil. Adding this wetting agent to your media will create a balance of air and moisture to support growth, ensure the best distribution of moisture and improve the uptake of nutrients.

Water has a tendency to stick to the same route when applied from above – always moving downwards rather than across - which can result in parts of the soil drying out, reducing the volume of soil and nutrients accessible to the plant.

HydroBurst lowers the surface tension of a liquid, thus helping water to easily penetrate the soil and spread freely. This reduces any stresses put on the plant by helping the root system to properly utilise the entirety of the soil and nutrients available. In effect, this will have a positive influence on the plants overall performance and health.


  • Helps to prevent soil from drying out
  • Reduces stress on the root system
  • Improves uptake of nutrients
  • Works with soil, coco and other solid media


5ml per litre - can be mixed with water or used with any fertiliser or nutrient solution.

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