IWS Basic Flood & Drain 6 - 48 Pot Systems

Title: IWS Basic System 6 Pot
Sale price£380.00



The IWS is a flood and drain system that can accommodate between 6 – 48 pots. It is easy to assemble and can be used with a variety of growing media, will all plants fed through a central reservoir.

This system is suitable for all levels of gardener, whether you’re just starting out or in the commercial field. A pump delivers the nutrients to your plants, taking away the need for manual watering and saving you time and energy. As the water is pushed through the growing medium, stale oxygen is replaced with fresh oxygen, giving your plants the boost they need to grow strong and healthy.

IWS manufacture the finest hydroponics systems on the market to date. IWS systems have quickly become the choice for the connoisseur grower.

This kit is the same as the IWS Complete system, but does not include the pot stands, root control discs or a remote timer.

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