IWS OxyPot - Single (Complete)

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The OxyPot by IWS is a great introduction to growing in hydroponics. Whether you’ve only grown in a soil or coco medium previously, or you're new to both growing and hydroponics, the OxyPot is an ideal choice as this straightforward system is easy to set up, use and will give impressive results.

The OxyPot uses DWC (Deep Water Culture), the plant is placed in a mesh pot which then sits in the lid of the OxyPot that’s then attached to the Misting Chamber, the roots are then permanently submerged in an oxygen-rich nutrient solution that encourages not only rapid, healthy growth but also amazing yields at harvest.

The Single (1 Pot), XL (2 Pots) and 4 Pots systems come with everything you need to start growing hydroponically, including an air pump, air stone, misting chamber, mesh pot(s) and lid. The only additions required are pebbles, used in the mesh pot to anchor the plants, and of course the all-important nutrients.

There really has never been an easier and inexpensive way to grow in hydroponics.


  • Minimal growing media required. We recommend Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles
  • Versatile - each system gives the flexibility to suit any growing space
  • DWC is one of the fastest growing techniques for heavy yields because DWC enables optimum root access to water, nutrients and air
  • Moulded Locators - these keep the air stones in place, minimising noise


Oxypot Single

Dimensions (L x W x H) 35 x 35 x 38
Tank Volume 19L
No. of Plants 1

*All Oxypots use 1L of clay pebbles per plant except Oxypot XL which uses 6.5L

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