Kaizen 100W Deep Red LED Bar

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If you're looking to ramp up your flowering game then look no further, The Kaizen 100W Deep Red Individual Supplemental LED Bar with a 100W dimmable fixture is a flexible and dynamic LED solution to improve your flowering results, producing a PPF of 240 µmol/s and a very high efficacy of up to 2.4 µmol/.

The rate of photosynthesis peaks when plants are subjected to “red” wavelengths of 660nm. So adding this supplementary lighting solution like the kaizen 100w deep red LED bar with a high degree of “red” in its spectrum to your already highly efficient full spectrum Led remains the best way for growers to imitate the shallow angle of the sun in late summer and autumn getting the best results out of your plant.

In the flowering period, this LED bar may be dimmed without losing efficiency. With quality low powered configuration while boasting outstanding passive cooling thermal management, reduces the temperature of the LEDs, increasing the output and improving light maintenance. 


  • Size: 103cm x 4cm
  • Slim design fitting in between existing LED bars
  • 50, 000 hours lifespan
  • 100 degree light beam angle
  • Plug and play
  • Dimmable from 20% - 100% 

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