Kaizen 100W Far Red LED Bar

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Kaizen Far-red light is designed for tailored plant growth. Boasting an impressive Ppf rating of 2.4umol, passive thermal management and a beam angle of 100 degrees this far-red supplementary led bar can enhance growth, and increase plant size. Far-red light is significant to plants because it increases the ability of plants to capture light. Plants use light not only as a source of energy but also for information about the surrounding environment.

Far-red light is typically not absorbed much by plant leaves, and it doesn't drive any photosynthesis because it is mostly reflected off leaves. However, if a plant "senses" a greater ratio of far-red to normal light then it "knows" that obstructions or other plants are close to it. Far-red light can also regulate leaf angle and increase plant height and leaf area, via expression of associated genes, to capture more light energy. It is expected to decrease flowering time by up to 10-14 days.



There are multiple ways to use the Kaizen Far Red LED Bar

  • *Only Use Far red in the vegetive stage to help with plant stretch but only for short periods of time ( user discretion )
  • Studies indicate that dosing with far-red light is most effective with 4 hours on, 4 off, and 4 on
  • Emerson Effect: 10-15 minutes after full spectrum lights are turned off.
  • It is essential not to over-expose your plants to extremely long periods of far-red light, as it can lead to stress. When plants are stressed from over-exposure to far-red light, they are conditioned to believe they are close to the end of their growing season. Therefore, they rush the flowering process, leading to poor flower quality.



  • Multi-use, effects are different if used in certain life cycles of the plant
  • Long lasting 50,000 hours life span
  • Dimmable driver unit
  • PPF 240umols
  • Lightweight & fits perfectly between main LED bars

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