Kaizen 25W UV/FR 4FT Twin Supplementary LED Bar

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The Kaizen 25W UV/FR Twin Supplementary LED Bar offers a Light Spectrum addition for growers who are looking to improve their crop’s quality through UV output during the late Flowering stage. Designed to fit directly on the top of the Kaizen LED fixtures, this unit is a stand-alone product but can be incorporated into your main light source and can also be daisy-chained to multiple other UV/FR bars.

Create a complete premium fruit or flower by using ultraviolet signalling on your crop. This technology is a powerful tool for growers who are interested in creating a unique final crop, affecting its flavour, smell and increasing resin by up to 30%. It will also help to control mould formation with gentle UV doses and reduce the need for chemical interventions by reducing the chance of pests. Uv can be dangerous to humans as well as create stress on plants which sounds like a bad thing but it’s not when used sparingly it can respond to the plant producing heightened oil production as a defence mechanism which results in better aromas and taste from the plant.

Uv can be one of the best ways possible to deal with powdery mildew also which in turn will help protect your plant.

The Kaizen 25W UV/FR Supplemental LED Bar was designed to fit directly onto the Kaizen LED fixtures. Use 2 UV bars per Kaizen 720W LED or Kaizen Supreme 800W 3.0 LED.


It’s best to use initially for just 2 hours exposure per day split into 2 x 1 hour stints, 4 weeks from harvest and also can be increased by 15 segments week by week.


To avoid any biological effects in the physical human body, please switch the power off when installing or/and during the maintenance processes on your grow system.

If turning Off UV Bars isn’t possible, all exposed skin should be covered with opaque material including the face, neck, head, hands, and arms. It is assumed that other body parts are covered if wearing proper laboratory attire. Examples, are long pants, closed-toe shoes, gloves, long-sleeved lab coats and protective glasses.

Do not look directly at the light as the UV radiation from the light fixture can damage eyes and skin.

Do not put the UV Supplemental LED Bar in contact with any surface while still ON.

Only use on plants.


  • Long lasting 50,000-hour life span
  • Helps combat pests, diseases and powdery mildew
  • Heightens the production of essential oils
  • Improves aromas and taste
  • Daisy chain able
  • Fits perfectly on top of kaizen LEDs
Kaizen UV Bar 4FT 25W
Kaizen UV Bar Specifications


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