Kaizen Adjustable Spectrum Twin LED Bars

Size: 2FT - 18W
Sale price£45.00


The Kaizen Adjustable Spectrum Twin Led bars stand as a potent and effective LED multi-purpose light engineered for all phases of plant evolution. Boasting an 18-watt & 25w capacity depending on the size you purchase, this illumination source offers precisely the right luminosity for nurturing robust and flourishing seedlings, young plants and added flowering spectrum in the bloom phase..

Distinguished by its unique twin-lamp configuration, the Kaizen adjustable spectrum twin LED ensures uniform and consistent light dispersion, enveloping your baby plants in either a blue/white, full spectrum or red spectrum rich glow. The LED bulbs employed in this system are meticulously crafted for optimal plant growth, supplying a multi-purpose light spectrum that emulates natural sunlight at all stages. This emulation fosters the cultivation of sturdy and well-formed plants.

Furthermore, this light source excels in both energy efficiency and endurance, rendering it a perfect choice for indoor cultivation. These LED lights exhibit a prolonged operational life of 54,000 hours compared to conventional bulbs, translating to reduced replacement frequency as well as consuming less energy, culminating in lower electricity expenses.

With no other light on the market like this, this perfect multipurpose LED can be used when germinating seeds (switch to seedling mode), developing cuttings into the vegetive stage (set to full spectrum) and then once finished from that part of your cycle can then be slid under your canopy and switched to the red spectrum to give you more enhanced under canopy flower power.


  • Water-resistant housing & connectors
  • Aluminium heat sink, PC cover with great heat dissipation
  • Daisy chain linked to a maximum quantity of 50
  • 2 x 2ft or 4ft LED clone bars
  • Perfect for propagation, vegging & flowering spectrum.


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