Kaizen Carbon Filters (4" - 10")

Title: Kaizen Filter 100/300 (4")
Sale price£47.99



The Kaizen Filters are made with Australian virgin mined RC- 412 carbon the market leader in carbon for the hydroponic market. They give a carbon purity of around 90% - some of the purest available today!

The aluminium used for the top and bottom of the Kaizen carbon filters give a lightweight build, making it easy to hang in the grow room. A coned base plate gives increased air flow.


  • Granular carbon for high surface area but with superior compaction qualities, leaving less air space for odours to escape. 
  • Ash content of between 7 and 13% gives the filter excellent odour absorption qualities
  • Moisture content of less than 2% increasing the life span of the filter.
  • Filter bed thickness of 38mm
  • Extra replacement filter sleeve.
  • Designed to last for up to 2 years
  • Superior air flow due to the increased amount of vent holes per square inch.

For great prices without compromising on quality, give the Kaizen Carbon Filters a try. They are perfect for your indoor hydroponic garden and you can choose the perfect size for your grow space.

The Kaizen filters come in the following sizes and airflow rates:

100/300 350m3/hr
125/300 430m3/hr
150/300 470m3/hr
150/600 900m3/hr
200/600 1125m3/hr
200/1000 1600m3/hr
250/600 1320m3/hr
250/1000 1980m3/hr
315/600 2440m3/hr
315/1000 3280m3/hr

To complete your grow room extraction, along with the filter, you’ll also need a good quality fan, a sufficient length of ducting, jubilee clips to fit the ducting and rope ratchets or chain to hang your fan and filter set up.

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