Kaizen Clone LED 18W 2FT

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The Kaizen Twin Clone Led 18W stands as a potent and effective LED propagation light engineered for the initial phases of plant evolution. Boasting an 18-watt capacity, this illumination source offers precisely the right luminosity for nurturing robust and flourishing seedlings and young plants.

Distinguished by its unique twin-lamp configuration, the Kaizen Twin LED ensures uniform and consistent light dispersion, enveloping your plants in a full spectrum rich glow. The LED bulbs employed in this system are meticulously crafted for optimal plant growth, supplying a comprehensive light spectrum that emulates natural sunlight. This emulation fosters the cultivation of sturdy and well-formed plants.

Furthermore, this light source excels in both energy efficiency and endurance, rendering it a perfect choice for indoor cultivation. LED lights exhibit a prolonged operational life of 54,000 hours compared to conventional bulbs, translating to reduced replacement frequency as well as consuming less energy, culminating in lower electricity expenses.


  • Water-resistant housing & connectors
  • Aluminium heat sink, PC cover with great heat dissipation
  • Daisy chain linked to a maximum quantity of 50
  • 2 x 2ft LED clone bars
  • Perfect for propagation  

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