Kaizen Elite 2 Zone Lighting Controller

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Kaizen Elite 2 Zone Lighting Controller

Introducing the latest addition to the Kaizen Controller family the Kaizen Elite 2 Zone Lighting Controller – Your Ultimate Tool for Perfect Indoor Hydroponic Lighting!

Experience precise and effortless management of your LED grow lights with the Kaizen Elite 2 Zone Lighting Controller. This cutting-edge device empowers you to fine-tune and optimize your lighting system for maximum yields and the healthiest plant growth in two separate rooms, each with its own schedules and temperatures.

Imagine having one area with plants in the vegetative stage running an 18-hour light cycle and another space in the flowering stage with a 12-hour on, 12-hour off cycle. Whether you prefer traditional HPS or cutting-edge LED lighting (requires RJ-ported ballasts if the LED runs off them), the Elite has you covered.

 This device caters to your preferences, whether you want to mimic natural light transitions like sunrise and sunset, adjust intensity during temperature spikes, or effortlessly manage groups of lighting schedules. Using RJ ports for connectivity and setting your ballasts to Ext mode, you can effortlessly link up to 160 lighting setups (80 per zone) and control them all from one central hub with just a few simple button presses. It's the ultimate in user-friendly lighting control!

  • Digitally control your lights on a 24-hour timer
  • Show output as W or % for maximum precision
  • Auto-dim at a set temperature for added environmental control
  • Sunrise/sunset period to replicate nature in your grow room
  • Comes with 2 outputs & 2 temperature sensors
  • Part touchscreen/part buttoned 

*comes with free interlink cable to connect to your first light*

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