Kaizen Full Spectrum LED Bars

Size: Kaizen Full Spectrum Bar 2FT 60W
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Kaizen Full Spectrum LED Bars

Available in both 2ft and 4ft lengths. 

The Kaizen 60W & 100W Full-Spectrum Individual Supplemental LED Bars are flexible, dynamic & multi purpose LED solution to improve your grow results, the 60w 2ft versions produces a PPF of 149 µmol/s and high efficacy of up to 2.48 µmol/J. The 100w 4ft bar has a higher PPF rating of 248 µmol/s and the same high efficiency of up to 2.48 µmol/J.

Optimize your indoor plant growth with this versatile LED light and its wide variety of applications. You can either use it as an add-on for your grow space that lacks light intensity or a shaded part of your room by placing it at the top, side or bottom of your grow space. These lights can be used as a stand-alone mother plant light or even use it as a propagator light for your cuttings and seedlings (please use the dimming function when using it as a propagation light). 

For different cultivars, propagation and vegetative growth periods this LED bar may be dimmed without losing efficiency. This high-efficiency and low-powered configuration with its outstanding passive cooling thermal management, reduces the temperature of the LEDs increasing the output and improving light maintenance. 

 Key Values

  • Available in both 2ft 60w and 4ft 100w sizes
  • Long lasting 50,000 hour lifespan 
  • Multifunctional light that can be used in numerous ways (supplementary or stand-alone)
  • Can be connected to external controllers using RJ ports (up to 160 units)
  • Has a manual built-in dimmer if your not using a controller
  • Full spectrum (can be used from start to finish) 

*When using with an external controller,

if dimmed down below

10%, the light will cut out*


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