Kaizen Heavy Duty Segmental Timer

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The Kaizen Heavy Duty Timer is a small, compact and easy to use plugin 24 hour segmental timer. Suitable for use with powerful grow room lighting, it can safely switch on/off up to 1 x 600w HID light, up to 2 x 300w CFL lamps or 1 x LED grow light.

The dial shows a time indicator with pegs indicating 15-minute intervals. Simply push down these pegs to signify your ON period and pull up to signify the OFF period. Set the current time on the dial, and then simply plug the unit in.

With 15-minute timing intervals it’s easy to customise the timer to your exact needs, and the set-up couldn’t be simpler – there’s no need for a relay.


  • Heavy duty segmental timer with 15 minute intervals
  • Safely control up to 1 x 600w HPS/MH, 2 x 300w CFL’s or 1 x LED grow lamp
  • No need for a separate relay or contactor, simply plug & play

Please Note:

We’re currently running low on stock for the Kaizen Heavy Duty Timer, therefore for a limited time, an Eclipse Heavy Duty Timer, to the same specification, will be supplied.

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