Kaizen Master Controller

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Experience easy accessible accurate and flexible lighting management!

Introducing the innovative Kaizen Master Controller – crafted and engineered to energize your grow lights, regardless of whether you employ HPS or LED advancements (requires Rj ported ballasts). Whether your preferences include features such as mimicking natural light transitions like sunrise & sunset, adjusting intensity during temperature spikes, or effortlessly regulating groups of lighting schedules, this device caters to your needs. Utilizing Rj ports for connectivity & setting your ballasts to Ext, you can link numerous lighting setups effortlessly and command them all from a single hub, with just a few uncomplicated button presses. Your lighting control couldn't be more user-friendly!


  • Plug & play, Easy operation
  • Auto-dimming under abnormal temperature
  • Sunrise & sunset feature
  • Handles a maximum of 50 units
  • Led display for easy viewing
  • Measured temperature & humidity 

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