Kaizen Supreme 800W 3.0 LED

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Discover the excellence of the Kaizen Supreme 800w 3.0 LED grow light – the optimal choice for those seeking top-tier quality without breaking the bank. This powerful LED unit ensures robust, healthy growth and impressive yields, boasting an insane output of 2400 μmol/s PAR for maximum plant development, It is recommended to enrich your grow room with CO2 supplementation to achieve these higher targets you want to hit with this LED.

Featuring a lightweight design and adjustable dimming increments (320w, 480w, 640w, 800w & E.X.T), this LED light is versatile, allowing seamless use throughout your entire growth cycle.

Backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and a remarkable 50,000-hour lifespan, the Kaizen Supreme 800w guarantees enduring performance across multiple crops. Its 8 BAR LED design ensures uniform coverage, minimizing dark spots and light loss to walls, resulting in even plant growth.

Position the Kaizen Supreme 800w LED Grow Light directly over your plants for full-spectrum light coverage, heavily concentrated in red wavelengths with ample blues. This versatile spectrum caters to the entire plant growth cycle, from vegetative to bloom and finishing stages, making it a reliable and efficient choice for your indoor cultivation needs.

Fits perfectly into a Kaizen 1.2m tent with the light dimensions being :

110.5cm x 106.5 cm



  • Long life 50,000 hours lifespan before degradation.
  • Compatible with all kaizen controllers
  • Foldable lightweight 8-bar design
  • Full spectrum output for complete cycle usage
  • Passive thermal management
  • Run by high-quality driver


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