Juico Ceramic Knives Set

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Juico Slice ceramic knives are manufactured using the highest quality sub-nanometer zirconium Oxide. Our knives are extremely sharp and come in 3 different sizes, which is ideal for cutting large or small fruit or vegetables. The ceramic knives are manufactured to the highest standards, only using a cold isostatic pressing process. Combined with high-temperature firing using bell kilns, the Juico slice is exceptionally high in density at 6.02 g/cm³ for low porosity and extra strength. With a cutting-edge angle of 35° to 42°, the Juico Slice is up to 30% sharper than its counterparts. The Juico Slice will cut through fruit and veg with practically no effort. The Juico Slice's ergonomically designed handle is designed for extreme comfort and prolonged use. Using injection moulding as our manufacturing process prevents the need for glue and thermal moulding, making Juico Slice more hygienic.


  • Extremely Sharp
  • Three sizes
  • High Density Ceramics
  • Storage stand included
  • Cold isostatic pressed
  • Sub-nanometer zirconium ceramic
  • Comfortable cutting hangle
  • Injection moulded (no adhesives)

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