Lightwave T5 Fluorescent Canopies

Title: Lightwave 4ft 4 Tube
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The Lightwave T5 canopy is perfect for using throughout propagation, giving your plants the essential spectrum of lighting for optimal growth. It can be used with a mixture of red and blue spectrum lamps, or all red/all blue.

The T5 high output lamps will last for years with very little reduction in light output given, as well as running much cooler than sodium lamps. This means they can be hung much closer to your plants without causing any heat or burning problems. This is ideal for when height is restricted, as can be the case in propagation tents.

These canopies are super easy to use, with plug and play technology. No fussy set-up needed. You can find them in both 2ft and 4ft sizes, and each one comes in two sizes to give you more control over your lighting.

T5 Lightwave 2 foot canopy

  • 2 x 24W tubes - 60cm x 24cm x 7cm - 3300 Lumens
  • 4 x 24W tubes - 60cm x 37cm x 7cm - 6600 Lumens

T5 Lightwave 4 foot canopy

  • 4 x 54W tubes - 119cm x 37cm x 7cm - 16600 Lumens
  • 8 x 54W tubes - 119cm x 64cm x 7cm - 33200 Lumens

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