Lumatek Attis Pro LED 200W

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The Lumatek Pro LED with high PPF of 508 µmol/s and Photon Efficacy of 2.5 µmol/J is a lightweight fixture that covers grow areas of 0.8 x 0.8m perfectly.

Thanks to advancements in technology and fixture performance, cultivators can now benefit from high-quality LED horticultural lighting that offers significant return on investment. Lumatek ATS Pro full spectrum horticultural LED solutions are perfectly balanced, providing the right amount of light quality (spectra) and light quantity (intensity and duration). Whether you need sole-source or supplemental grow lighting for propagation, vegetative or flowering growth periods of indoor-grown crops, Lumatek ATS Pro is the perfect solution.

The ATS Pro range features an array of lights that create a consistent spread of light, perfect for short distances from the crop. This uniformity allows for good penetration of the canopy without generating hotspots or excessive heat. The fixture is designed with an innovative heat sink and passive natural convection, eliminating the need for a fan and reducing noise output. This design also significantly increases the lifespan of the fixture as there are no moving parts. The fixture is also agile and can be dimmed without losing efficiency, making it suitable for different cultivars, propagation, and vegetative growth periods. Additionally, the high efficiency and low-powered LED configuration reduces the temperature of the LEDs, increasing output and improving light maintenance.


- High Efficacy
- High Efficacy 2.5 µmol/J
- High PPF output for high intensity 508 µmol/s
- High quality Lumatek LED driver
- New Clear Glue protection cover technology on LED bars
- Top bin LEDs
- Balanced full spectrum
- Improved light spread and uniformity
- External control with Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0
- Compact design ideal for up to 0,8mx0,8m grow area
- Fully Dimmable
- User-friendly Plug & Play Assembling


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