LUMii Black 600w Digital Dimmable Ballast

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The LUMii Black 600w electronic ballast has arrived at Holland Hydroponics that features not only dim, but also boost functionality, all at a price that won’t break the bank!

The LUMii Black electronic ballast has the flexibility to dim the power so it runs at 250w or 400w. An extremely useful option if the grow space is suffering from high temperatures, or you’re in early veg and the full 600 watts just isn’t needed.

There’s also a ‘super-lumens’ option that boosts the ballasts output by 10% to 660 watts, we advise that this is used during late flowering to give plants those extra lumens to help improve yield as harvest approaches.

Complete with a 2m power cable and a moulded UK 3 pin mains plug along with an IEC lead. The LUMii Black 600w is also compatible with all styles of reflectors, as long as they are fitted with an IEC socket.

And finally, being electronic, compared to the magnetic ballasts, it runs silent, is a lot cooler, but also more efficient, so will save you money on your electricity bill.


  • Can run at 250w, 400w and 600w
  • Super-lumens option to boost to 660w
  • Compatible with all reflectors that feature an IEC socket
  • Cool and silent running
  • Measures 290mm (L), 120mm (W) and 60mm (H
  • 2 meter power cable with moulded UK mains plug
  • 1 year manufactures warranty

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