Mills Nutrients Basis A&B - 20L

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Mills Nutrients Basis A&B is a two-part, mineral derived, base nutrient with a high concentration that can not only be used during vegetative growth and bloom stages of your plants life, this versatile feed, although traditionally used in hydroponic systems, can also be used in soil and coco substrates.

Basis A&B by Mills Nutrients contains everything your plants need for rapid, healthy growth along with bountiful flowering as it improves nutrient absorption and stimulates the photosynthesis rate to keep your plants full of vitality. Basis A&B also contains essential trace elements that help with the general health of the plant and also improves the immune system, helping to protect against common indoor garden pests and diseases.

By using Basis A&B you can help your plants reach their full potential as you will see a significant improvement on final yields, but without compromising on aroma, flavour and overall quality.


Vegetative Growth:

WEEKS 1-2: 1ml of A and 1ml of B per litre of water
WEEK 3: 2ml of A and 2ml of B per litre of water

Bloom Cycle:

WEEK 1: 2.5ml of A and 2.5ml of B per litre of water
WEEKS 2-4: 3ml of A and 3ml of B per litre of water
WEEKS 5-6: 3.5ml of A and 3.5ml of B per litre of water
WEEKS 7-8: 3ml of A and 3ml of B per litre of water

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