Mills Nutrients Start

Title: Mills Nutrients Start – 1L
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Start by Mills Nutrients of Amsterdam is a bio-stimulant that’s been developed to be used at the very start of the plants' life during the propagation stage, but should also be continued to be used during vegetative growth and the first week of flowering.

Mills Start stimulates the roots by encouraging growth and improving nutrient absorption by the root zone, this then promotes vigorous plant growth, overall improved health and generous branching as the plant heads towards flowering.

Start can and should also be used when transplanting, whether it's going from a propagator into a hydroponic system, or at each pot-up stage when growing in coco and soil as it can help the plant cope and also recover from the potential shock.



  • 1ml per litre during propagation, vegetative growth and the 1st week of flowering, including each stage of transplanting.

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