Mills Nutrients Vitalize

Title: Mills Nutrients Vitalize - 250ml
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Mills Nutrients Vitalize provides you plants with necessary silicon to aid with the strengthening and growth development of your plants.

Using this formula will give your plants increased resistance to disease and pests as well as improving the overall immune system of your plants. Silicon helps with strengthening the structure of your plants, creating a stronger and hardier plant.

You’ll also find increased nutrient uptake, improved nutrient absorption, better root structure and size, and reduced mineral toxicity and water loss. These factors all come together to create healthy plants.

Use Mills Nutrients Vitalize throughout the entire grow and bloom cycles to see great results and improved yields. It can be mixed with other fertilisers and is easy to use as a foliar feed.


  • Also add into nutrient solution first, before adding any other products.
  • Use 0.2ml/L throughout the vegetative stage, and into the first 4 weeks of flowering. Use at a rate of 0.1ml/L for the last 4 weeks.

Please Note:

1 litre bottles of Vitalize aren't always in stock, so there may be a slight delay in the dispatch. For more information on availability, collection or delivery times, give us a call at 0161 273 5995

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