Monkey Nutrients Grow A&B

Title: Monkey Nutrients Grow A&B 1L
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The Monkey’s grow A+B has the seventeen essential nutrients needed for your plants to get the best possible start, composed to increase active nutrient uptake and in the ratios that plants require for the healthiest growth during the early development stages.

Made by growers, Monkey knows it can difficult to manage the various aspects of growing, so it is made to be pH stable and not too concentrated or too weak, it’s just right for you to easily achieve your desired EC value every time.

There’s no monkeying around with different nutrients for your method of growing either, just a solid Monkey A and Monkey B Grow for luscious green, vibrant and fast vegetative growth.

When your plants are on our Monkey Grow A+B, there will be no hanging about!


  • Increases stability and shelf life
  • Designed especially for UK water, Grow is highly concentrated, ideal for soft water areas as-well-as hard
  • Only the finest quality mineral elements are sourced for our base feed. When chemically ionised they become more bio-available to the plant
  • Added bio-stimulants work in synergy with the mineral elements rapidly increasing nutrient absorption

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