Mother Nature CO2 Refill

Title: Mother Nature CO2 Refill - 5L
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Looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to recharge your CO2 Generator? Mother Nature CO2 Refills are the answer! Our specially formulated compost and natural bacteria can last up to six months, depending on usage. Once your Generator's contents are depleted, simply clean it out and drop in a Refill. To know when it's time for a Refill, use a CO2 Detector to measure output levels. 

Our CO2 Refills are packed 'dry' to make them easy to store without worrying about degradation or odours. When you're ready to use a Refill, activate the dry mix by emptying the bag into your Generator and adding hot (not boiling) water. Allow 24 hours for the contents to fully activate before using your CO2 Generator. 

By using Refills, you can save up to 33% compared to buying a whole new Generator, and you'll be growing more sustainably by reusing your hardware. Plus, the natural bacteria and compost from inside the Generator can be safely and productively disposed of as garden fertilizer. Try Mother Nature CO2 Refills today!

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