MPL Unheated Propagator - Large

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The EarlyGrow Large Propagator is the perfect product if you have a whole tray of cuttings or seedlings on the go and for those who want to grow either a variety of plants or a few larger ones. The large size is a snug fit for the standard Rockwool trays for individuals looking to clone plants. Can also be used with insert trays, coir and Rockwool blocks. Bigger in size, it is easier to keep the humidity up while still looking after a lot of plants. It has 2 vents on the top to allow for greater control over the humidity inside. Made in the UK out of a robust plastic, with a shatter resistant lid, making it resistant to bumps, knocks and drops. 


  • Adjustable ventilation for humidity and air control
  • Shatter proof and crystal clear lid for maximum light exposure
  • Can be used with compost, coir, Rockwool and various growing medium with insert trays or without.
  • Large - measures approximately 580 x 380 x 240mm

For rooms with low ambient temperatures, check out our Heated Propagators and Heat Mats to help raise temperatures needed for successful propagation.

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