Multi Phase Digital Fan Speed Controller

Title: Multi Phase Digital Fan Controller
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The Multi Phase Digital Fan Controller by GAS (Global Air Supplies) is a thermostatic digital fan speed controller for use with the renowned HyperFan and HyperFan Silent to give pre-programmed, automated control allowing optimum grow room conditions to be maintained.

Incorporating RTT (Reactive Temperature Technology), it recognises any rise or fall in grow room temperatures, and will adjust the fan speed accordingly. The temperature is monitored using a probe that’s fitted with a 5.5m cable allowing it to be positioned anywhere in the grow room, although we recommended placing it just above the top of the plants canopy and in the centre of the grow space.

Temperature can be monitored in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, while the target temperature, along with the minimum fan speed, are set using the dials on the front of the unit and displayed on an LCD screen. Once the extraction fan is connected, it will initially start off at the minimum setting, and gradually build until the target temperature is met and will adjust accordingly to maintain the pre-set temperature.

The Multi Phase Digital Fan Controller can run a single fan out of the box, but also has the ability to control two fans by using the splitter cable which are purchased separately.


  • Compatible with Phresh HyperFans
  • Uses RTT (Reactive Temperature Technology)
  • Thermostatically controls fan speeds to maintain optimum grow room conditions
  • Ability to control single and twin fan setups
  • Temperature can be monitored in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • LCD display & wall mountable
  • 2 year guarantee

Please Note: Only use these fan speed controllers with the supplied cable, using third party cables can damage the unit and void the guarantee.

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