Nano 10⁻⁹ Flower Boost

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Title: Nano 10⁻⁹ Flower Boost 250ml
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Nano iron is the active ingredient in nano. 10⁻⁹ flower boost+, used to speed up the plant’s metabolism. Iron is directly involved in chlorophyll production (which makes your leaves green) and this directly improves the plant’s ability to use light as energy.

Nano. 10⁻⁹ flower boost+ wouldn’t be complete without improving the quality of the plant, with more energy, plants can increase the flavours, aromas, and colours to achieve higher yields and better quality. Nano. 10⁻⁹ flower boost+ delivers nutrients differently, for the best results every time.

Nano.10⁻⁹ flower boost⁺ is the only flowering additive you need during the main flowering period*. It contains the additional phosphorus and potassium required during rapid flowering growth, with sulphur and magnesium contributing to enhanced fruit quality.

Naturally occurring plant hormones are the natural catalysts for building bigger fruits and denser yields. flower boost⁺ utilises biostimulants to assist your plants in producing the biggest gains and finest quality fruits possible.

Unique to the nano range of nutrients is our patented nanoparticles. In flower boost⁺, we use nano iron and silica. The nano iron provides your plant with additional energy for fruit production with enhanced flavours and aromas. Nano silica keeps the plants’ defences high during the period that most growers experience increased pest and disease attacks.

Find more about the benefits of nano iron during flowering in our ‘further information’ section.

*Main flowering indicates weeks 3-8 of a 12-hour light cycle.


  • Nano iron - Nano iron can be uptaken by the plant without expending energy. Nano iron also increases the levels of photosynthesis in your plant, giving the plant more energy for growth and flowering.
  • Nano silica - Nano silica reinforces your plant's roots and stems, allowing the plant to support heavier yields while providing extra protection against pest and disease.


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