Nano 10⁻⁹ Flower Start

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Title: Nano 10⁻⁹ Flower Start 250ml
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Nano. 10⁻⁹ flower start+ forces your plants out of vegetative growth and increases the number of potential flowering sites. Added nanoparticles of boron regulate and increase calcium uptake, which helps your plant develop a rigid cell structure for heavy fruit production.

The transition from vegetative growth to flower production is stressful and requires a lot of energy. flower start+ uses plant extracts to assist your plants in the switch from veg to flower and reduces stress.

Nano. 10⁻⁹ flower start+ is simple to use and produces professional results.


  • Nano iron - Nano iron can be uptaken by the plant without expending energy. Nano iron also increases the levels of photosynthesis in your plant, giving the plant more energy for growth and flowering.
  • Nano magnesium - Magnesium is the central molecule in chlorophyll. The more magnesium you can provide your plants, the more chlorophyll can be created, increasing plant energy.
  • Nano calcium - Nano calcium increases cell wall strength, providing protection from pests like spider mites and allowing your plant to support heavy fruits.

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