Newa Jet NJ Pump

Title: Newa Jet NJ 4500
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The NEWA Jet NJ is a multi-use pump that can be used either externally or submerged.

With electronic control of rotation and the analysis of working conditions, the NEWA Jet is a highly efficient pump. The adjustable outlet can be set directly upwards or rotated to 90 degrees depending on what it is needed for. It can be used externally with fittings, as a sump type pump to remove accumulated water, or for circulating water internally.

The NJ 4500 and 6000 use up to 20% less power than other pumps and are silent, versatile and low maintenance to run. The pump itself is watertight, wear resistant, and comes with a suction cup support.

The NEWA Jet has a self-resetting thermal protector in case of overheating caused by misuse, running dry or a jammed rotor. If the pump stops working suddenly, check to see if the thermal cut-off has been activated.


  • Uses 20% less power than other pumps
  • Suitable for wet & dry use
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Provides 4500/6000 L/h at 0m, maximum head height 3.1m
  • Dimensions are approximately 142 x 92 x 154mm. (LxWxH)

The Newa Jet NJ 4500/6000 can be used alongside the Rush system.

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