Nobel X6 630W LED Grow Light

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The Nobel 630W LED Grow light is a 6 rail, foldable LED with an efficiency of 2.7 μmol/j. It is an excellent lighting solution for commercial horticulture. It mimics natural light and ensures it gets evenly distributed to every area for fast and complete plant development. The biggest benefit is that it is more energy-efficient than the generic products on the market, and it can save about 30%-40% of HVAC at the maximum. At the same time, it is made with Samsung & Osram LEDs and has zero noise design, etc.

Nobel Commerical X6 630W Full Spectrum 100V-277V Next-GEN LED Fixture comes with a full spectrum design closer to the natural light. Plant exposure to the grow light bar boosts the terpene level. It ensures better and complete plant growth – from seedling to harvest. This high-performance LED grow light works well with plants grown in water and soil.

The grow light comes with a manual dimmer that helps you manually set the right spectrum for the plants at different growing stages. It offers you complete control over the output. This highly efficient LED grow light offers more than 50% energy savings. By replacing your fluorescent tubes and other conventional lights, you can save a significant amount of money.

It is built with the consumer's safety and health in mind. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the human ocular system. It comes with six efficient Light Bars consisting of LEDs that offer even and wide coverage to benefit your plants from anywhere.

This full-spectrum LED light is also easy to set up and move from one place to another. The model performs silently. So, it ensures no disturbance to you and others at all when it's running.


  • Full Spectrum Light: Sun-like full spectrum light includes blue, red, and white light. It offers high-quality and efficient growth of crops of any variety and at any stage.
  • Very easy to install and portable.
  • Produces no noise.
  • Made with Samsung & Osram LEDs
  • Energy Saving Reduced HVAC 30% -40% Consumption
  • Designed for Commercial Horticulture Cultivation
  • High Photosynthetic Photon Flux Output 2.7-2.8 µmol/s
  • High-Quality Chip-on-board (COB) LED Technology
  • 5 Years Warranty


Power 637W@120V
Input Voltage 120-277V
Input Current 5.30A/ 120V,2,70A / 230V
Power Factor 0.99
Weight 29.3 lbs / 13.34 kgs
Dimensions 1121 x 1113 x 102mm

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