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With the Dual Beam CO2-sensor the CO2-value in a given space can be measured and managed very precisely. The sensor can control a CO2-generator or CO2-cold system.

The Dual Beam CO2-sensor with light sensor should be plugged into the power supply with led indicator supplied and subsequently into a mains socket using the UTP-cable supplied.

The UTP-cable is plugged into the OCL DLC1.1 port of the lighting controller marked “CO2”. Subsequently plug the UTP-cable supplied in the “INPUT” port of the power supply with led indicator. Then plug the other CO2-cable supplied in the “OUTPUT” of the power supply with led indicator thereby connecting the CO2-sensor.

The CO2-generator or the pressure reducing valve can now be connected to the power supply with led indicator.

The CO2-sensor can be calibrated in the OCL DLC1.1. controller menu. The OCL DLC-1.1 is able to detect sensor defects. When a connection is faulty, a warning will automatically appear on the display.

Before the sensor is calibrated, it should be left in the outside air for about ten minutes. The calibration menu can only be accessed via the OCL DLC1.1 controller.


  • Adjustable from 0 to 2500 ppm
  • Because of the large slits, the CO2 sensor has an optimal airflow. This results in a quick and precise reading.
  • The green LED indicator on the power supply lights up during CO2 dosage.
  • Data is retained in the event of power failure.
  • The controller switches automatically from day to night mode by means of the built in light sensor.

Included accessories:

  • 1x UTP cable 2m
  • 1x UTP cable 5m

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