OCL Complete Light Kit - 1000w

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OCL-Lighting provides high quality lighting by integrating experience, creative sensibility and innovation in our products. By combining pragmatism, perfectionism and high technical standards in the design and layout work, we are able to reach truly unique results.

The OCL-Lighting systems are the new industrial standard in professional high output fixtures. Light quality is a major focal point in the industry and the OCL X series has been designed to fulfil that specific need. The systems support both HPS and metal halide lamps. The OCL double-ended (DE) HPS lamps are proven to be extremely high in PAR output, with a broader spectrum than traditional HPS lamps and only a 5% loss of light at 10.000 hours in operation. All our ballasts come standard with PowerControl™, StartSmart™ and dimming feature.

The OCL X series are the next level in professional fixtures, with the ability for central control with the OCL controllers. With OCL Lighting systems you are in control of the light!


  • Strong, heavy duty housing, double protection by conformal coating and cooling colloid, ensuring optimal functioning in various environments
  • Lowest operating temperature and noise in their class
  • Easy to exchange, V53 hammer tone/concave 96% reflective aluminum reflector, absolutely free of interference colors
  • Ceramic industrial grade receptacles
  • Free of electromagnetic interferenceCompatible with other industrial DE bulbs
  • Extended lifetime: up to 95% light output performance after 1 year
  • Full control of the light output in every step of the plant life cycle
  • PowerControl™, StartSmart™ and low voltage protection diagnostics


Rated Power 1048W (at 100%)
Current consumption 4.4A (at 100%)
Voltage 230V-240V (± 10%)
THD <10%
Power Factor 0,99
Frequency 50-60Hz
Certification CE
Power inlet IEC C14
Operating temp 0-40 °C
Case temp 70°C
External dim connector RJ45 connector build in 2x


  • Professional 1000W adjustable ultra-high frequency lighting system
  • OCL 1000W 400v DE EL lamp, 2100 µmol s-1 included
  • Incredibly high output and even spread (A++ energy label)
  • Suitable for high pressure sodium and metal halide lampsV53 hammer tone/concave, 96% reflectance, brightened, anodized and PVD-coated AL 99.99 reflector
  • Suitable for the OCL DLC-1.1 and several other controllers
  • Plug & play installation
  • 25% less radiation heat
  • Beam angle 140°
  • CE certified

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