Ona Mist Polar Crystal

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Ona Mist does not leave any wet, oily fallout. Designed to be used with the automatic CSA Dispenser or on its own. Fight foul odours naturally with ONA Mist – it’ll even eliminate stubborn smells. It’s a mix of 32 essential oils derived from plants around the world.

This potent blend is released into your grow room as a pressurised mist, to permanently eliminate unwanted odours. ONA Mist doesn’t just mask smells – it neutralises them, replacing them with the fresh scent of apple crumble.

You can safely use it to remove organic and non-organic odours – it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Just press the nozzle to release the mist.


  • 1 scent available: Apple Crumble
  • Mix of 32 essential oils to eliminate bad odours
  • Released as a pressurised mist
  • Doesn’t just mask smells – it neutralises them
  • Eliminates the most stubborn smells
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Completely organic

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